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List of the last 10 Quotes Update

  • Weekly Quote #15 – Life is a Journey - My bike may not be heavy, but this was what I did few times when I had a fall from it... And sometimes, a helping hands from friends and strangers do the trick too......
  • Weekly Quote #14 – Success - There will always be obstacles to succeed in place that keep other people from getting there. So those who climb the mountain (who achieved success), aren't those who just accidentally discovered some obstacle-free course to success! They didn't just land on top of the mountain. They climbed. They probably had some falters and stumbles but always got back up and kept moving forward, upward, regardless of the challenges.
  • Weekly Quote – #13 - "And know that the heart in an organ from the organs. It is able to bear somethings and unable to bear others, just like the rest of the body. Thus, some people are able to carry one-hundred pounds, whereas others are unable to carry even twenty. Some people are able to walk a number of miles in a day without tiring, whereas others are unable to even walk a mile a day before they become tired… So let each person limit himself to what he is able without expending all his energies, because that will better aid him in learning with a good mind, from a firm and proficient teacher.”
  • Weekly Quote – #12 – Friendship - Friendship is like a book. It takes ages to write but it needs only seconds to burn! We seem to neglect the importance of a real friend in this life though he is a rare commodity.
  • Weekly Quotes – #11 – Children - "A man's rank in paradise will be elevated, so he will ask, "How did I achieve this?" It will be said to him. "As a result of your child seeking forgiveness for you".
  • Weekly Quote – #10 – Tongue - A tongue has no bones but it's already strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words.
  • Weekly Quote – #9 – Prayers - "And peace is on me the day I was born and the day I will die and the day I am raised alive" AQ, Maryam: 33
  • Weekly Quote – #8 - "The word 'regret' should not be in our vocab... What is past already past, it could not be mend! Just think of the future and the next thing to do... Life has to go on, we should think how to support the present"
  • Weekly Quote – #7 - "There is no success without taking a risk!"
  • Weekly Quote – #6 - it everywhere I went. It was me. All it takes is for us to believe that we can do it!"

Nantah’s Sundial, a Time-Telling Relic Lost in Time

At Nanyang Technological University (NTU), one can find remnants of the former Nanyang University, or Nantah, from the fifties and sixties, such as the Chinese Heritage Centre (former Nanyang University Administrative Building), Memorial Pagoda and Nanyang University Arch (the current one at Yunnan Garden is a replica whereas the original arch is at Jurong West…

Singapore’s Heritage Tree Series – Terap

Till date, there are 17 trees at the Fort Canning Park granted the heritage tree status. Four of them are the terap tree (artocarpus elasticus), with three located along the park’s 14th Century Walk of History (along the Fort Canning Service Reservoir) and the fourth one along Canning Rise, opposite the National Museum of Singapore.…


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