Explore to Discover Life

It all started in the year 2000. Together with a group of individuals who love & appreciate natures, we decided to organize adventures’ trips i.e. mountain climbing, trekking, cycling; meant as a hobby to keep ourselves fit & energized. We realized that many people don’t or rarely takes up these activities. We started to introduce and extend our activities to all walks-of-life that are daring to challenge and gain experience on the outdoor that will appreciate, know, preserve and love nature i.e. mountains, forest and rivers as well as nature’s secrets through the magical beauty of flora and fauna. In other words, exploring nature through the signs of the Creator!

Bahar Campsite, Gunung Stong, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Pactrex is my nick – derived from the words Pack & Trek – as I normally pack everything I could and go for any trips without hesitation as long as its involved natures & outdoors. I took-up the hobby seriously at the age of 35. The rest was history.

My lovely wife …. (Selai National Park, Johor, Malaysia)
My first bicycle touring machine – Ms. Surly Troll
My first motorcycle touring machine bought in 2016 (preloved) after more than 15 years – Daelim Scooter B-Bone 125cc. I last owned a motorcycle in 2000. Could not remember the make and model.
My first folding touring bicycle that I used to tour West Sumatera in 2015 – Tern P24.
Gunung Ledang, Johor, Malaysia.
My current motorcycle touring machine – A made in China Honda Fighthawk CB190X which I bought brand new in 2017.
My current 26″ Bicycle Touring machine – LKLM 318 Series V2.
Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Different years, different mode of transportation.
My first grand daughter – MacRitchie Reservoir.

Why I created the sites….

For my own records and memories, I will normally saved my travel details either on a hardcopy (notebooks) or updated them online via social media platforms such as FB, YouTube, or on some travelling apps. They were everywhere. Many a times, I could not remember where I had saved or kept them. I’ve lost many travelling details, but managed to retrieve many photos and videos as I actually backed them up online on my google and microsoft clouds technology.

After learning to create websites more than 20 years ago, I decided to create one out of curiousity. The main purpose was to update what I did, my life, my dreams, my adventures, my travels into one portal, but again I started off diligently but ending up ‘doing nothing’ for years after ‘actively’ involved for several days and weeks. It has been going on for years. One of my mistakes was failing to sustain my eagerness in maintaining the sites. At the end of the day, I still have to search back my past adventures throught thick and thin! I tried to revive the sites in 2020 when I was jobless for months during the Covig-19 pandemic from March to August; but again only active for a few months and again back to ‘norm’.

So July 2021, I am back; but this time round, I will maintain and update the contents either by updating my new explorations or my past ones. Will try to do it weekly as I have many past trips and writings that I need to save in here. I wish to state again that the main purpose of this website is to document all my activities for my own record and memories. However, if they could help you in one way or another, then it will be my honour to share more stuff with you. I am quite active in social media platforms, search my nickname “pactrex” or my real name in google, some social media sites that matched will be displayed. Feel free to explore my passions from these social site to get to know me better.

My Motto

“Do something that you love to do, rather than doing something that you are forced to do”. As for natures, I have this to say… “Whatever things in the universe are all God’s creations, natures are only a part of it, so explore them, as they are made by the Creator for us to ponder their existence…so lets dream, explore and experience the greatest creations from God to mankind….”

Dreams to Experience, Explore to Discover! (DEED)

Jailani aka pactrex

www.pactrex.com – My old domain which is forwarded to my current domain, exploretodiscover.life
www.santaituarers.com – pactrex.tumblr.com
www.jailani.info – facebook

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