Village Chandong Vs Duku Chandong

Village Chandong is one of many design variations of Duku Chandong in the market that has become a go-to parang or machete for wilderness camping and jungle trekking. A traditional multi-tool for wood processing and all manners of cutting, chopping and delimbing, preparing meals and games, and performs just as well in the backyard.

The blade stock of both parangs are the same at 7mm thick except the 489gr Village Chandong 12″ is more distal tapered compared to 592gr Duku Chandong 12″ Heavy which is thicker that explains the weight difference.

The unique “chandong” blade design has a leading unsharpened or blunt section for a choke-up or forward grip position for detail work that transitions to the leading cutting edge. If you need a parang, Village Chandong or Duku Chandong have you covered!


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:08 Village Chandong vs Duku Chandong
  • 00:30 Blade Design Profile Differences
  • 01:30 Parang Comparisons
  • 02:12 Weight Differences
  • 02:57 Out of the Box Cut Test
  • 03:20 Made in Bidor vs Made in Pekan Darat
  • 04:08 Signing off
  • 04:23 Field Test and Final Thoughts

About Unker Buzz : UnkerBuzz gone wild! He rides his bike and camp in the wilderness with all the equipment, food and tools packed in his bike packs for an unsupported bike touring and bikecamping. Come and experience the joy of outdoor life with UnkerBuzz and discovery the tools and equipment for bike camping, bike expeditions and cyclo-touring, wood crafting and trekking. UnkerBuzz will review the tools and equipment he bought and used in many bike touring and bike camping adventures.

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