Cloud Forest, Gardens By The Bay – Singapore

The Cloud Forest mimics the chilly, damp conditions found in tropical mountain ranges between 1,000 to 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) above sea level in Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. It has a 42-metre (138-foot) “Cloud Mountain” that can be reached by elevator, and tourists can descend the mountain along a circular trail that leads to a 35-metre (115-foot) waterfall that provides cold air.

Orchids, ferns, peacock ferns, spike- and clubmosses, bromeliads, and anthuriums adorn the “Cloud Mountain,” which is an elaborate structure totally covered in epiphytes. The Lost World, The Cavern, The Waterfall View, The Crystal Mountain, The Cloud Forest Gallery, The Cloud Forest Theatre, and The Secret Garden are some of the showcases available within the levels, which is inspired by the Maiden Hair Fungus. Click here for more info on Cloud Forest.

The Orchid Haven
One of the world’s tallest indoor man-made waterfall

Jailani Mahmood

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