Weekly Quote – #9 – Prayers

Visited this Taipei Grand Mosque in 2007 during my trip to Taiwan. Felt the calmness and safe throughout my journey. As a Muslim, remembering to establish prayers should not be taken lightly …

As we grow older, we’re more wiser in our thought and the way we look at our life. Hopefully God, will always guide me to His path and give me strength in making good what’s left in this life for me; May He continue to bless those who directly or indirectly being part of my life. I was created by Him and to Him I shall return; May He protect us all from the one common enemy that we’re facing at all times, the Shaytan (evil).

“And peace is on me the day I was born and the day I will die and the day I am raised alive” AQ, Maryam: 33

Thank you for giving me the opportunity for another year to continue striving to be a good, sincere servant to You, Ameen.

Jailani Mahmood

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