Parang Lading : Traditions that will not fail

Parang Lading has a long history as a traditional agricultural tool with similar profile as Duku Chandong except for the blade width where the former is much more slimmer and lean and the later is wider. The cutting edge of Parang Lading does not cover the full length of the blade – the 5in long unsharpened edge from the hilt is used for forward grip or choke-up hand position with the curved spine marking the transition to a 7in long cutting edge for a 12in Parang Lading or Duku Chandong.

Lading is a local term that refers to the curve of the coconut palm fronds and Parang Lading blade design has Sumatra’s lineage and developed through trade routes along Malacca straight districts and established as a reputable weapon in Kedah Darul Aman where Silat Cekak Hanafi adopts Parang Lading as the official weapon for defence.

Parang Lading from MyParang is designed for hard use in outdoor and field environment where chopping and hacking in and out of the dense jungles will see the parang primary design purpose with the following specs:

  • Blade length : 30cm / 12in
  • Handle length: 17cm / 6.7in
  • Overall length: 47cm / 18.7in
  • Widest blade: 5.5cm / 2.2in
  • Weight ( blade and handle ) : 480grams / 17oz
  • Sheath length: 34.5 cm / 13.5in
  • Width: 33.5cm / 13.5in
  • Weight: 160grams / 5.6oz
  • Gross weight : 645 grams / 22.7oz

MyParang Parang Lading handling is light, agile and well balanced for chopping, cutting, slicing, and doing detail work. It is hand-forged in Malaysia with modern machinery that leave unique forging marks on the blade. No two Parang Lading are the same and they are highly recommended!

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