SOG Seal XR : Mighty fidget-friendly hard use folder

SOG Seal XR is an overbuilt, strong and dependable tactical folding knife for any occasions and all made in the US. Blade construction is solid with aggresive jimping on the blade spine, the flipper tab as well as all around the handle scale, the backspacer and even the liners – good traction and grip is an understatement!

SOG Seal XR is a hefty and meaty blade that feels solid in the hands. The broad blade profile in CPMS35VN steel and a Clip Point design with swedge and ground flat with pointy tip is good for cutting, slicing and piercing capabilities with a strong and positive XR Lock that can withstand 1500# of force and a backspacer that is equipped with a “Persuader Tool” or pummel for breaking cocunut shell and glass that gives the confidence for a hard use folder.

The XR Lock implements 3 impressive ambidextrous smooth deployment methods that runs on a caged steel ballbearings – The Flipper Tab or Kick, The XR Lock Slider Button and The Thumb Hole that never been done on a crossbar lock folder before. SOG has certainly taken the fidget-friendly hard use folder to the next level.

SOG Seal XR without doubt is for the keeps and highly recommended for a hard-use folder.

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