SAK : Swiss Army Knife

Farmer X Alox is my first Swiss Army Knife. I like it so much that I bought Huntsman SilverTech and Explorer right after Farmer X Alox bit me, literally!

I am more of a Leatherman Surge and P2 at home and at work before SAK caught my interests lately with it’s form factor, weight and collection of tools with myriad sets of functionalities.

I have since bought the CyberTool 34 and a couple of Nail Clip 580 for me and my better half.


About Unker Buzz : UnkerBuzz gone wild! He rides his bike and camp in the wilderness with all the equipment, food and tools packed in his bike packs for an unsupported bike touring and bikecamping. Come and experience the joy of outdoor life with UnkerBuzz and discovery the tools and equipment for bike camping, bike expeditions and cyclo-touring, wood crafting and trekking. UnkerBuzz will review the tools and equipment he bought and used in many bike touring and bike camping adventures.

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