Tiban Mosque & Inggil Resto, Malang, Indonesia – 2020

Day 2 – 21 February 2020

We made a few detours, after checking out from Otix Guesthouse in Probolingo before heading to the City of Surabaya. We visited Masjid Tiban in Turen, Malang. The mosque was undergoing a major restoration. Beside the mosque, was a Pesantren, a live-in Islamic school which we find it to be unique due to the a building architecture and interior designs.

Masjid Tiban

The Tiban Mosque originally was a Salafiah Biharu Bahri Asali Fadlaailir Rahmah Islamic Boarding School. What is the significance of the name Tiban for this mosque? The mosque is known as the Tiban Mosque because, according to stories that circulated in the surrounding community, it was established for the services of spirits and the assistance of the jinn. This mosque is claimed to have appeared on its own; Tiban refers to something of unknown origin. This mosque, however, was erected with donations from KH Achmad Bahru Mafdloludin Sholeh’s personal wealth as well as donations from the students and congregation, according to “insiders.” The rebuttal from the “insider” was clearly plastered in front of the reception desk with large writing, “If someone says that this is a Tiban Cottage (a cottage that appears by itself), built by a genie, etc., that is not true; because this building is the Salafiyah Bihaaru Bahri ‘Asali Fadlaailir Rahmah Islamic Boarding School which was purely built by the students and the congregation.” The construction began in 1978 and gradually completed in 1992. It was developed again in 1998 slowly in parts til today.  The main building of the lodge and mosque has reached 10 floors.

Article was originally authored by Muhammad Fikri Hadianto, a University of Muhammadiyah’s Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Prof. Dr. Hamka, student. He mentioned that “One of the things for which we should be grateful for the bounties He has bestowed upon us as His slaves is the magnificence of this mosque. That concludes our examination of the Tiban Turen Mosque’s object, which we believe will be valuable to all of us”.

Tiban Mosque internal areas.

Our late lunch cum dinner at a uniquely Javanese Restaurant, Inggil Museum and Resto in Klojen, City of Malang.

Inggil Museum and Resto

Old and antic collections of items were displayed within the restaurant as showcases to appeal the mood and excitement of visitors and diners of the restaurant.

Enjoying our food together with the local tour guide. Bro Heri who has been very helpful throughout the trip.

However, I was informed by a friend that due to Covig-19. the restaurant was closed for good at the old address but currently operating in Tumpang inside the Panji Museum – as per the date of writeup.

We retired at Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers within the City of Surabaya.

Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers. Morning of 22 February 2020.

To be continued…

PS. On 22 February, we just visited few places around the City Centre to get some souvenirs and local products as we decided to explore outside the city on 23 February.

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