Surabaya, Indonesia – 2020

Surabaya – Day 1- 20 February 2020

We landed in Surabaya at 9.05 am and was welcomed by Bro Heri, a guide and chauffeur for this short trip. Our first stop was Masjid Al-Akbar Surabaya. Next we visited Putuk Truno Waterfall and Cando Jawi (Jawi Temple) in Prigen, Pasuruan. We had our lunch at Makoya Dapur Bakar. Next we visited Masjid Muhammad Cheng Ho. We dropped by at Carrefour Surabaya before retiring at Sukapura, Probolingo. It was a good start enjoying our first day in Surabaya.

Masjid Al-Akbar Surabaya

Al-Akbar (The Great) Mosque, commonly known as the Great Mosque of Surabaya, is a national mosque and Indonesia’s second largest mosque in terms of maximum capacity, after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. The big vertical dome, flanked by four little blue domes, is its most distinguishing characteristic. It also boasts a 99-meter-high minaret, which is a testament to Allah’s 99 Names. Initiated in August 1995 and completed in 2000 covering an area of 22,300 square meters.

The Prayers Hall – My niece, My sister-in-law and my wife.
Entrance to Putuk Truno Waterfall, Prigen, Pasuruan

Putuk Truno Waterfall is located at the foot of Mount Welirang and Mount Arjuno. This waterfall, located in the Tretes tourist area, has a height of about 45 meters and is only about 400 meters away from Kakek Bodo Waterfall.

For more information, visit the following websites.

Candi Jawa. One of the few structures left that reminded us the history of the Hinduism that stretched from Bali. A Mosque can be seen at the rear of the temple.

Jawi temple (Indonesian: Candi Jawi, original name: Jajawa) is a syncretic Hindu-Buddhist candi (temple) dating from the late 13th century Singhasari kingdom in Indonesia. The temple is located on the eastern slope of Mount Welirang in Candi Wates village, Kecamatan Prigen, Pasuruan next to the main road that connects Kecamatan Pandaan, Kecamatan Prigen, and Pringebukan. The temple was thought to be a Hindu-Buddhist place of worship, but it was actually dedicated as a mortuary temple to honor King Kertanegara, Singhasari’s last king. The late king’s ashes are also believed to have been scattered in two other temples, the Singhasari temple and the Jago temple.

Inside the restaurant.

We had our late lunch at Makoya Dapur Bakar located in Pandaan, Pasuruan. The food served were acceptable. However, the ambience of the restaurant was unique and it was built around naturalistic environment. It also has children’s playground and a small water theme park for family activities.

Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque in Pandaan, Pasuruan.

Before retiring at Sukapura, Probolingo for our first night in Surabaya, we visited Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque. Basically, there were 2 mosques of the same name. One is situated in Pasuruan and another one is in Genteng, Kota Surabaya. The one in Pasuruan was bigger in size and area than in Genteng. The name of both mosques are a tribute to Cheng Ho, a Muslim Chinese admiral. Cheng Ho’s mission in Southeast Asia is to not only trade and make friends, but also to spread the Islamic religion. For further info of Admiral Cheng Ho, click here.

An Islamic School & Centre are also housed within the Mosque.
Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque in Genteng, Kota Surabaya.

To be continued ……..

Jailani Mahmood


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