Bicycling In Singapore

One of the best method of exploring places in Singapore is to ride a bicycle using the Park Connector Network (PCN), apart from other means of transportations available here. At 724.2 square kilometers (total land area), it comprises of a mainland and other Islands. Singapore is the English name of Singapura, literally means “Lion City”. It is a city, a nation and a state; and the capital is known as Singapore.

The fact that Google Maps launched its new cycling navigation feature in Singapore this year on November 8, covering more than 6,800km of cycling routes including off-road trails island wide, indicated a “dramatic rise” in searches for cycling routes on the island since the Covid-19 pandemic; thus making Singapore the first Southeast Asian country to benefit from the new feature.

The followings were some pictures taken during our ride from Tanglin Road to the Downtown of Singapore using one of the PCN – Alexandra Park Connector. Distance about 5km.


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