Nabalu & Kundasang, 2019

1st November 2019 – There was only one road from Tamparuli that led us to our next destination – Jalan Tamparuli/Ranau. Kundasang is one of the towns in the district of Ranau in Sabah, Malaysia that lies along the bank of the Kundasang Valley. There were many bends throughout the ride. We gradually ascended from a merely 15m above sea-level from Tamparuli to more than 1000m above sea-level upon reaching Pekan Nabalu.

Nabalu Town which means mountain town in the Dusun language, is a frequented pit stop of visitors and tour buses going to Kinabalu Park. It took us about an hour and a half; which was a mere 15 minutes away to our resort. From a few small huts in the early days, it now has a few rows of shops selling local foodstuff and produce, as well as handicrafts and souvenirs.

We stopped to rest and took some photo of the surroundings. In fact, it was one of the best places to view the gigantic Mount Kinabalu and its surroundings. However, due to the weather, we could not see Mount Kinabalu as thick black clouds were forming and coming to our way. We decided to continue our ride to the resort before its raining.

It was drizzling when we reached the resort and temperature was getting colder. Fog started to build up and we decided to park the motorcycle next to the entrance as we have to descend via a driveway slope to the resort office to check-in – the driveway was a little bit slippery for a 2-wheeler; so safety comes first.

Entrance to J Residence, the resort that we had made reservation whilst at KK City Centre.
The descending driveway to the resort.

We were so hungry that we decided to look for an early dinner defying the weather. The nearest restaurant was near the entrance of Kinabalu Park which was about 2 mins away; but we took about 10 minutes due to the weather.

To be continued…..

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