Retrotec Twin : Convert a roadbike to a Touring Bike

Retrotec Twin Road (Tig-welded) come from INGLIS AND RETROTEC CYCLES, a custom shop that makes quality bicycles, handmade in Napa, California. I’ve had the Retrotec Twin Road for over a decade and the Twin Road had served many supported and unsupported long-distance rides that has seen crossed over to bike touring – I need a slower pace in life and enjoy life more!

The exquisite ride quality of Retrotec Twin Road and the sentimental value have the bike kept in a box only to be rebuilt for my first touring adventure and I was hooked! Abdul Rahim Kassim, Musa Haron, Adam Hamid, Rafie and Mors Kaizer organized a road trip to KL one day to meet up with Akmal from Basikal Akmal, Naz & partner and both Faritz and Jaz: Please connect with Akmal for all your bicycle needs and more. He is always ready to provide support in all of your touring adventures:

The modifications made to Retrotec Twin Road include brazing the IS Disc Brake, widening the rear-spacing and a couple of bottle cage mounts: Please give a visit to fezzcyclesbyfarits Instagram and ready to be impressed with his custom works as a custom framebuilder:…

The custom colors on the frame, decals and fork are airbrushed by Jaz: Please give a visit to jaz_airbrush in Instagram too and see the wonderful world of colors and artworks:…

They are all genius, talented, generous and very accommodating and are highly recommended! Here are the geometry specifications for Retrotec Twin Road for those who like the numbers:

  • Size: 52
  • Head Tub: 110
  • Top tube Effective: 54
  • Chain Stay: 41
  • BB Drop (mm): 70
  • Angles (HT/ST): 73/73
  • Stand Over: 775/7

I’m stoked with the final conversion from a roadbike to a touring bike with disc brake support and I’m glad I held on to the frame after so many times thinking and weighing on selling it. Did I mentioned that Retrotec Twin Road is the only one in Singapore?

About UnkerBuzz…..

UnkerBuzz gone wild! He rides his bike and camp in the wilderness with all the equipment, food and tools packed in his bike packs for an unsupported bike touring and bikecamping. Come and experience the joy of outdoor life with UnkerBuzz and discovery the tools and equipment for bike camping, bike expeditions and cyclo-touring, wood crafting and trekking. UnkerBuzz will review the tools and equipment he bought and used in many bike touring and bike camping adventures.

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