MyParang Golok 135 Heavy : Authentic and Original

MyParang Golok 135 Heavy is Unker Buzz first parang or machette from MyParang – an authentic parang or golok from Penang, Malaysia.

He was so impressed by MyParang Golok 135 Heavy that he bought another MyParang product namely Duku Chandong 12″ Heavy – I personally tested Duku Chandong and love it. Unker Buzz love big blades! And the 12″ Heavy model has thicker blade stock and a beast of a chopper!

MyParang Golok 135 Heavy is a premium parang different from Bidor Parang. While the blade stock come from Bidor, the traditional wooden curve handle design is made from eco-Beech sourced from Croatia and the blade is secured by 3.5mm pin behind the brass collar bolster and epoxied to the rat-tail blade tang. Each blade has a beautiful forged marks (thank you Ahmad Nadir!) and a brush finish.

  • Specs:
  • Overall weight w/sheath : 724.3gr (25.5oz) dan Weight w/o sheath: 550.5gr (19.41oz)
  • Nylon sheath weight: 173.8g (6.13oz)
  • Nylon Sheath length: 33cm (13″)
  • Overall length: 49cm (19.2″)
  • Blade length: 30.48cm (12″)
  • Overall length w/sheath: 50cm (19.6″)
  • Handle Material: Eco-Beech wood from Croatia

Unker Buzz has made some changes to the finger choil making it a little rounder and the handle to fit his hands. There was nothing wrong with the original design, in fact it works right out of the box. He just wanted to make MyParang Golok 135 Heavy to his own personal taste and feel.

Who is Unker Buzz?

To those of you who have been asking me about this guy, let me introduce him here. He is one of my close allies in outdoor activities, eg. bike touring, bike camping, hiking, trekking, etc. In fact, both of us are freelance IT Trainer. Met him in one of my cycling activities about 20 years ago. The rest was history!

His profile on his Youtube Channel – Unker Buzz : Bike | Camping | Tools

UnkerBuzz gone wild! He rides his bike and camp in the wilderness with all the equipment, food and tools packed in his bike packs for an unsupported bike touring and bikecamping. Come and experience the joy of outdoor life with UnkerBuzz and discovery the tools and equipment for bike camping, bike expeditions and cyclo-touring, wood crafting and trekking. UnkerBuzz will review the tools and equipment he bought and used in many bike touring and bike camping adventures.

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