Tour De Langkawi 2017 – Free & Easy – Day 3

Day 3 – 10 August 2017

Oriental Village

Oriental Village is best known as the home of the Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge. It is a themed open-air complex with a huge lake in the centre and an art gallery, animal exhibits, clothes, souvenir and handicraft stores spread out around it plus a few local and international restaurants.

Located in Pantai Kok towards Langkawi’s western side (past the airport at Padang Matsirat), the Oriental Village is usually busy with visitors. Queues are a common sight for most of the galleries and attractions, especially in the mid morning and early afternoon.

As the weather was unpredictable, we decided to go as early as possible to avoid any disappointment. We spent more than 7 hours around the village and its vicinities to enjoy some of the attractions. We took a ride on the SkyCab – cable car that hovered over jungle to visit the SkyBridge situated at Machincang Mountain, 708 m above sea-level,

On board the SkyCab.
The Seven Wells Waterfall taken from the SkyCab.

Seven Wells Waterfall

Locals say that the Telaga (Wells) Tujuh (Seven) Waterfalls are home to fairies, but really it is probably the gorgeous flora in the area that makes the place seem magical. Plant life here includes unique lime plants and Sintuk, a climbing type of foliage, which grow abundantly.

For those adventure enthusiasts, you can brave the steep climb to the top of the waterfalls, that past huge rocks and through the seven pools: a journey that will take you approximately 45 minutes, where along the way, you are likely to spot macaques, hornbills and a positively giant squirrel or two along the way.

Entrance to the Seven Wells Waterfall which is within the Reserved Forest of Machincang Mountain.
Base of the first fall.

Pantai Cenang

Since we stayed near Cenang, we decided strolled the Cenang beach which probably the busiest beach town on Langkawi Island. You won’t be starving as you can find a diverse mix of cafes and restaurants, as well as souvenir shops, and duty-free outlets along the beach strip. One of the reasons to choose this location was because it is just a 10-minute drive from Langkawi International Airport, that enabled us to cut-short out journey on the day of departure. Families and kid-friendly attractions such as Underwater World Langkawi, Rice Garden Museum, and Kiki Club are all within the vicinities.

To be continued …..

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