Tour De Peninsular Malaysia – The Adventure Rides (2015) – Second Leg – Thailand to Singapore

Day 13 – 13 February 2015 (66 KM) – Kedah

The first leg of Tour De Peninsula Malaysia was completed on 11 February 2015. We covered the States of Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis. Total distance covered was about 1100km. We took a rest at Hat Yai, Thailand for 2 days under the “mentoring” of Allahyarham Bro Ronn Rahmani, who has been very helpful and importantly, as a brotherly figure to us. He showed us around Hat Yai and shared his bike touring knowledge and experiences. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bro Ronn for being patient with us, and May Allah always give His blessings to him and his family members. The taglines, “Open Normally” and “Service by yourselves for breakfast”!; will always made us remember him – “Allahummaghfirli wa lahu wa’qibni minhu ‘uqba hasanah – O Allah, forgive me and him and give me from him a good substitute”, InShaAllah.

We left Hat Yai at 9.30am after breakfast and took a well-deserved rest at Sadao. We crossed the border via Danoq – Bukit Kayu Hitam, and ride our way to Changlun, Kedah. We arrived at 2.30pm and managed to get a room at Changlun Hotel. As usual the weather was hot but the wind was on our back and that helped a lot. A good rest was needed before we begun the 2nd leg of our journey back to Singapore via the East Coast of Malaysia (Coastal Routes). Before that, we have a major task to do; to cross the border of Perak and Kelantan via Gerik Highway – EastWest Highway.

Goodbye Thailand, welcomed Malaysia (Second Leg).

Day 14 – 14 February 2015 (112 km) – Kedah

We left Changlun at 7.15am. After an hour ride along Sungai Petani, we met up with Bro Eid Sidek Eid, the Penghulu Border as he was known to many, and his wife for breakfast. We had a good chat and lots of tips were shared before continuing our journey via kampong routes to escape the traffic and hot weather. It really helped us a lot eventhough we faced undulating hills til we reached our destination, Sik. We passed by scenic views, rivers and Lake Beris. We stopped at one of the rivers we encountered for a quick dip. We finally reached Sik at 4.30pm, covering a distance of 112km. We managed to find a place to sleep at Teratak Puteri Maryam. The owner gave us a huge discount too! Well, it will be a laundry day and eat in for us tonight; and a night “adventures”.

Day 15 – 15 February 2015 (88 km) – Perak

One of the toughest ride we encountered. It was a day of climbs! Undulating hills welcomed us from the start of the journey from Sik, Kedah, til we arrived at Gerik, Perak at 5.15pm. The weather was also against us! The heat was unbearable! This was just the beginning! More to come tomorrow and the day after.

We retired at Gerik, Perak at Sri Inai Inn. We met another new samaritan and became friend, Fadhly Samshir, a Johorean who worked at Gerik. He was very helpful. In fact, we attended his marriage in Batu Pahat in 2015, about 4 months after the trip. Now he has a child. Thank you so much for giving us a precious helping hand, during the trip.

Day 16 – 16 February 2015 (48 km) – Perak

Crossing the Timur Barat (EastWest) Highway was not a joke, however, as we had prepared, it went smoothly. Infact yesterday routes were more tougher. We retired at Mohamad Shah Isa Resort at Tasik Banding. Some facts to take note.

  • The 215 km Gerik Highway, also known as the East-West Highway was built to shorten the journey from Kota Bharu, Kelantan to northwestern towns and cities of Malaysia such as Alor Star, Kedah and Penang. The highway connects Gerik, Perak in the west to Jeli, Kelantan in the east, before being extended further to Lunas, Kedah. (Wikipedia).
  • Dataran Juang Tentera Darat was erected to honour the sacrifices of members of the armed forces, particularly the 116 soldiers who died fighting Communist insurgency.
  • Temenggor Lake is the second largest lake in Peninsula Malaysia after Kenyir Lake in Terengganu. This man-made lake was created after the construction of Temenggor Dam to generate electric power.
  • Banding Island (Pulau Banding) is a man-made Island inside Temenggor Lake. More than two decades ago before Banding or even Temenggor Lake ever existed, a number of rivers from the mountain ranges flowed into the Temenggor lowlands and gorges, creating a huge catchment area. While serving as a source of water supply to the neighbouring villages and “Orang Asli” (indigenous people) settlements, this rich source of food and water supply attracted the communist terrorists to the area. In 1974, then Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak, had an ingenious plan to flush out the communists by building a dam and filling up the Temenggor catchment area with water from the mountain rivers.  Thus the Temenggor lake was formed. As a consequence, Banding (the highest peak in the Temenggor basin) was transformed into an island.  With the East-West highway running through the island, Banding is the only island in Malaysia that is serviced by two bridges linking it to the mainland – Lake Temenggor Bridges.  As for the communist terrorists, they were summarily flushed out of the catchment area and were forced to flee to southern Thailand. (

Temenggor Lake and Banding Island were not new to me as I have been here a few times. I even had the opportunities to take a boat round the Lake, did Islands hopping and managed to see the gigantic Temenggor Dam, during my trip to ascend Gunung Hulu Sepat (a Mountain in Kelantan near the border of Perak). Now I have added another mode of transportations to be here – I rode a bicycle.. hehe.

For the record, we did returned here with Rasidi and Moors with our bicycles, started from Kelantan, Perak, Selangor, and ended in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Day 17 – 17 February 2015 (79 km) – Kelantan

Another big climb! The routes we took from Sik – Gerik – Lake Temenggor – Jeli, were the toughest so far. That was the reason why we broke it down into 3 parts; to ensure that we had a complete rest before the climb. We also enjoyed rolling down the hills! At one stage, the max speed touched 60.9 km! To reach the Titiwangsa summit standing at 1062m above sea-level, was a personal achievement for everyone of us. After more than 10 years of planning, we finally done it riding touring bikes with loads. We strongly believed that Kaiser Mors was the only rider at that moment that had done it using a fat bike! What an achievement! It doesn’t matter how long we took; the Santai atmosphere still burning in us! Ride, ample rest, ride, more rest, “teh O ice limau”, rest, sleep! We left Temenggor Lake at 7.15am and reached Jeli at 4.30pm.

We had coffee at air Banun Rest Area. We took many pictures at Titiwangsa Rest Stop, the highest ridable routes before descending down. We stayed at Rimba Kasih Cafe & Budget Room.

Day 18 – 18 February 2015 (94 km) – Terengganu

Today, most of the routes were all flats except for some occasional climbs. As per norm, we left Jeli, Kelantan at 7.20am. After 20km, we stopped at Air Lanas to have our breakfast. We tried nasi kerabu. The Pantai Barat/Timur Highway was quite busy. It may be because of the eve of Chinese New Year. We stopped by a small foodstall 12km before the states border to quench our thirst and had some fried bananas. We crossed the border between Kelantan and Terengganu at exactly 2.25pm. We stopped by at Jerteh, Besut for lunch. Upon paying the cost for lunch, the owner, Kak Su told us that she would spend us lunch! We were quite taken aback, as she refused to accept anything from us. All we could said, was “thank you so much and may Allah repays all your deeds and increase your wealth, Ameen “. We then decided to stay at Jerteh instead of Kuala Besut. Finally we managed to get a good deal for a lovely and beautiful Irnifanna Homestay from Bro Azni, who was a teacher in profession. It was 4 pm on our watch.

Day 19 – 19 February 2015 (106 km) – Terengganu

Flat road all the way to Kuala Terengganu. In the morning, we took a scenic kampong routes and saved as much as 10km. Then it was all the way coastal routes. The first East Coast beach we encountered was Penarek Beach. The weather was so hot that we stopped on a few occasions to cool down.The traffic approaching Kuala Terengganu was busier even though it was a holiday. We stepped into Kuala Terengganu at exactly 4pm. We retired at the Dorm, after most of the guesthouses were fully booked.

Day 20 – 20 February 2015 (140 km) – Terengganu

The journey from Kuala Terengganu to Cukai was quite a distance – 140km. The road was flat with occasional climbs. The weather was not that hot and we could feel the tailwinds pushing us on some occasion. Along Kg Gong Balai we met a group of bike tourers from Kuala Lumpur who were heading towards Dungun. A pleasant surprise awaited us when our lunch was paid for by a stranger who was quite shocked when we told him about our trip. On our arrival at Chukai Town, we were welcomed by Bro Muhd Syafiq Aiman who had kindly reserved a room at Gold Star Hotel.

Day 21 – 21 February 2015 (122 km) – Pahang

It was a day to remember ; a day where we completed all the 11 States of Peninsula Malaysia. Unofficially, we have completed our trip to visit all the States; officially, we have not completed the round trip. Today we really did a santai ride from Kemaman Cukai, Terengganu to Pekan, Pahang, “Bandar Di Raja”. We were welcomed by Bro Zaini Abdullah who anticipated us about 29km to Kuantan. He then led us to see historical sites in Kuantan. After lunch, we revisited Sepat Beach to relax. We took the kampong routes and exited via Kg Ubai. We arrived at Pekan at 5.30pm. However, looking for an accommodation was not an easy task. At last, we managed to locate the Chief’s Rest House.

Some information of Pahang for a good read.

  • Pahang State History: A Review of the Published Literature and Existing Gaps by ABu Talib Ahmad
  • The oldest Tropical Rain Forest in the world can only be found in Malaysia, and the best place to discover its secret is none other than the state of Pahang. Taman Negara( The National Park), the only park in the world that can lay claim to keeping the original Tropical Rain Forest, undisturbed since 130 million years ago.
  • According to local lore, a flowering plant named Bunga Pekan used to grow wild along the banks of Pahang River, and the town was therefore so named. The flower is said to be white like jasmine, although the particular plant species is also said to have become extinct. The river at the Pekan town (near Mengkasar village) is also called Pekan River, however there is no evidence that Pekan derived its name from this river. Other sources say the name “Pekan” came from the word “Pekan Sehari” (Pekan Sehari or Sunday Market still exists today), and the word “Sehari” was eventually omitted and the locals simply called it “Pekan”. Pekan is thought to have been in existence since the time of Old Pahang Kingdom. The old name was Inderapura, although it was also commonly known with the short form ‘Pura’, which some Malays called Pekan. The old capital was located on both the left and right banks of Sungai Pahang and Sungai Pahang Tua up to Tanjung Langgar. The town was divided into Pekan Baharu and Pekan Lama (New and Old Pekan), and the old name for Pekan Baharu used to be Kampung Cina. Several Arab and Chinese writers mentioned Pekan. The villagers at Kampong Mengkasar, about one kilometre from Pekan in the direction of Kuantan, are said to be direct descendants of Tok Tuan from Makassar in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Among the well-known figures, Tun Abdul Razak was recognised as having a Sulawesi heritage. (Wikipedia).

Day 22 – 22 February 2015 (86 km) – Pahang

We left Pekan Bandar Di Raja after our breakfast at 8.20am. After riding “overtime” for 2 consecutive days, we decided to spent a night at Kuala Rompin, the border between Pahang and Johor. It was a known routes to us – til Johor Bahru, so we decided to increase our speed as the tailwind was pushing us from behind. Not many pictures were taken. We finally reached Kuala Rompin at 1.45pm. Tomorrow, we will be approaching the State border of Johor Darul Takzim. Our spirits were high even though we knew that the Trans Peninsula Malaysia was going to end soon in a matter of days. But it’s not over yet. The undulating hills of Mersing, Sedeli and Air Tawar await us to complete our epic adventure. See you soon Johor Darul Takzim!

Day 23 – 23 February 2015 (70 km) – Johor

Another santai ride from Kuala Rompin to Mersing Town. We left at 8am after breakfast and took the familiar kampong routes via Kampong Mawar to rekindle the memories when we used the route for the first time. The scenic view was still as beautiful as it was at the first time! We reached Mersing at 12 noon. We spent sometimes at the local bike shop before retiring at Bluewater Hotel.

Day 24 – 24 February 2015 (86 km) – Johor

We left Mersing at 7.30am after breakfast. It was all about climbing as going to Sedili, we have to face the undulating hills of Jemaluang and Jalan Kota Tinggi. We also took a new route via Tenggaroh! The second toughest route we encountered after the Gerik Highway. In fact, the route was tougher than Jalan Kota Tinggi, Mawai or even Air Tawar in Johor. Luckily the weather was not so hot and the tailwinds assisted our climbs. The view was magnificent! We reached Tanjong Sedili at 2.30pm and retired at Jason Bay Beach Resort.

A good read on Sedili – Johor’s Forgotten Fortress by Zulkifly Ab Latif.

Day 25 – 25 February 2015 (77 km) – Johor

We were supposed to do a santai ride, but the undulating hills from Tg Sedili to Sungai Rengit – Kota Tinggi, was not a relax ride after all. The weather was hot compared to yesterday. The tailwinds were pushing us all the way. We also took kampong routes along Pantai Batu Belayar, Kg Punggai, Telok Ramonia. The views were breath-taking too. We left Tg Sedeli at 8.45am and reached Sungei Rengit at 3.40pm. For the last night in Malaysian soil, we stayed at a budget Millennium Hotel next to the Bus Station.

It was a birthday ride for me. Today, I am officially 50 years old!

Day 26 – 26 February 2017 – Singapore

It was the day we have been waiting for, as all of us had missed our family so much. 26 days being apart were something that I personally have not done so. The rest was history! We entered Singapore via boat ride from Tanjung Pengelih, Johor to Changi Point Ferry Terminal. We still have to ride home. The journey may be over, but the memories and adventures will always stay in my heart!

Alhamdulillah, He is the Best of Planner! Thank you so much to my Touring kakis, the Santai TuaRers – Abdul Rahim Kassim, Kaiser Mors, Rasidi Ahmad and Musa Haron for being together for 26 days, through 11 States of Peninsula Malaysia and Hatyai, for tolerating all my nonsenses during the journey, etc.. etc… and for that wonderful experience. Bro Kamarul Azian Bin Kamaruzaman too for braving yourself on your epic bike tour. To all my Malaysian friends, you know who you are, thank you so much for the hospitality, you are all a fun and loving people, only Allah shall repay all your kindness and deeds.. To all my SG touring kakis and friends on my FB list, who has given us moral support to complete our expedition.

And finally my family, especially my wife, Sofia Osman, who has been very supportive all these years! My sons Syaikhul ‘Azim, Syahrul Naem, Syahren Amsyar and daughter Sheikha Nabilah… Ms Surly Troll for being my trusted partner too! To all of you, I love you all for the sake of Allah! Courtesy from

PS. Bro Rizal aka Pudgy Wudgy Smudgies, who helped us in editing some video footage taken by Dr. Kaiser Mors during the trip. Lets recall back the memories….

May this write-up help you in one way or another, to plan your cycling trip around Peninsula Malaysia. Believe me, it’s achievable. You just need the time, passion, the desire to explore and discover new adventures but most importantly, have fun and enjoy, apart from the $$$. Hehehe. Thank you.

Live your dreams! InShaAllah…

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