Cold Steel Talwar – A Pocket Sword

“If you have watched me perform cutting demos, you’ll have doubtlessly seen me using a big 5 ½” Talwar. Why? Because its blade is extra wide, with a thin V shaped cross section and an upswept point. All these features add up to make it one of the best high-performance folding knives in the world. You won’t see our competitors duplicate the cutting feats of a 5 1/2” Talwar for one reason, they can’t! Sold with a super strong G-10 handle and an incomparable Tri-AD locking mechanism, our big Talwar is a steal if you want big knife performance from a folder!” – Lynn Thompson

• Weight: 8.6 oz
• Blade Thickness: 3.8 mm
• Handle Length/Material: 7 3/8″ G-10
• Blade Steel: S35VN Steel • Blade Length: 5 1/3 in
• Overall Length: 12 7/8 in

00:00 Intro
00:24 Specifications
02:37 Comparing with Ontario RAT 1
02:57 Comparing with Spyderco PM2
03:24 Comparing with Cold Steel Spartan
03:45 Comparing with Cold Steel Espada Large
04:02 Verdict and recommendation
04:32 Ending

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