Short Trip cum Charity Ride to Endau Rompin Selai National Park

It was an invitation by Bro Rahim Resad, the person who has cycled around Borneo and rode his motorcycle from Singapore to Norkapp, Norway in 2017. Rahim introduced me to a group of season motorcycle tourers and travelers who initiated the formation of Liquid Moly Adventure in association with the Free Food For All (FFFA) based in Singapore in 2017. The event was a charity ride cum bike-camping at Lubuk Merekek, Selai National Park, Endau Rompin, Johor, Malaysia. It was held on 5 May 2018 to 6 May 2018. Together with my main supporter, my lovely wife Sofy, we decided to attend the event to experience some off-road to the Campsite.

Day 1 – 5 May 2018 –

All participants assembled at the PETRONAS Petrol Kiosk immediately after clearing the Second Link of the Malaysian Custom Checkpoint.
Some of the participants from left to right: Anjang Ismail, me and wife, Sofy, Mel, Doc & WIfe, Luqman, Rahim, Ismail Farouk and Elvin Mark.
North-South Highway towards KL
Selai National Park Office. Final briefing by Trip Leader.
On the way …..
Handing over of used clothing and toys to the local orang asli (aboriginal )in one of the villages at Selai.
Tok Patin’s house where all the items were safely delivered.
Getting nearer to the entrance.
Dirt Roads.
Wet and slippery …..
At last…. our tent was the orange one.
Me and my lovely wife, Sofy.
Gotong-royong… Chef Anjang preparing dinner…
All the so-called assistants….. hehe
Dinner …..

Day 2 – 6 May 2018

Group photo
Leaving the main entrance of Selai National Park
The aftermath of the wet and slippery off-road..

Thank you for the memories.. It was a wonderful experience to have ridden this machine into the off-beaten path …. You are awesome. Til we meet again to the next trip.

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